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李仲达老师的合作论文在《Journal of Population Economics》上发表
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mg游戏app经济学系李仲达老师(第一作者)的论文“Preference or endowment? Intergenerational transmission of women's work behavior and the underlying mechanisms”,于近期在mg游戏app国际A3类期刊Journal of Population Economics上在线发表。

论文摘要:Existing studies have established a positive correlation between a married woman's work behavior and her mother-in-law's. Such linkage is attributable to the profound influence of maternal employment on son's gender role preferences or household productivity. This paper systematically investigates the relative importance of the two potential mechanisms using the Chinese survey data. We show that a substantive part of the intergenerational correlation is left unexplained even if we control for the husband's gender role attitudes. Instead, we find that the husband's household productivity is more crucial in the wife's work decision, suggesting the dominance of the endowment channel over the preference channel.