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金融学系王玮老师在Economic Journal上发表论文
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      近日,mg游戏app金融系王玮老师的合作论文“Diversity and Economic Performance in a Model with Progressive Taxation”在经济学领域的国际顶尖期刊The Economic Journal上在线发表,该期刊为mg游戏app国际A2类期刊。

      Abstract :Is a more heterogeneous population beneficial or harmful to long-term economic performance? This paper addresses this and other questions in a dynamic general equilibrium model where consumers have different labour productivity and time preference. We show how differences in the cross-sectional distribution of these characteristics can affect the economy via two channels. The first one involves changing the composition of the labour force; and the second one involves changing the cross-sectional distribution of marginal tax rate. We show how these channels are, respectively, determined by the shape of the labour supply function and the curvature of the marginal tax function.