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武文杰老师的论文被期刊Journal of Economic Geography接受发表
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        mg游戏app特区港澳经济研究所的武文杰老师与伦敦政治mg游戏appStephen Gibbons教授合作的论文“Airports, Access and Local Economic Performance: Evidence from China”被国际区域经济学顶级期刊Journal of Economic Geography正式接受发表。该文曾被伦敦政治mg游戏app商业评论杂志(LSE Business Review)进行选登报道。Journal of Economic Geography由哈佛大学William R. Kerr等世界知名经济学家担任主编,是ABS四星级SSCI期刊,现在已成为城市与区域经济学的顶级国际期刊,5年平均影响因子(IF)高达5.354。


        In this paper we study the effect of airports on local economic performance that arises from better access to domestic markets in the context of China’s recent airport network expansion. We measure access through the changes in network closeness centrality implied by the contraction in potential journey times between counties within China. Our key finding is that better access - due primarily to land-side distance reductions to airports - increased manufacturing productivity. The analysis is carried out on a panel of counties built from micro data on industrial firms, administrative records and census data. To mitigate endogeneity issues we focus on a subsample of ‘incidentally’ affected counties, whose location midway between existing and new airports implies they not were explicitly targeted for development nor directly affected by airport operations.


     武文杰教授,博士生导师。曾在英国格拉斯哥大学等高校任教并获终身教职。世界银行咨询专家、伦敦政治mg游戏app空间经济中心客座研究员。主要研究领域为区域经济、经济地理、城市人居环境等。相关研究在Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of Regional Science、Papers in Regional Science、Annals of the Association of American Geographers、Journal of Comparative Economics等国际期刊发表。